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ALK VISION, very much ON TIME, and in your TIME ZONE.

ALK VISION was born in a factory named ALK WATCHES CO., LTD, which has been working as a
contract manufacturer for over 6 years. Tons of elegant timepieces, well packed and non-exclusively
tagged with other brand names, are delivered from our factory to worldwide. We have never thought
who will wear these watches and whether they will aware of our workers’ existence. 

When the workers of the 60th and 70th exited from the workforce, the 80th and 90th hold the field
and the 00th is coming on the stage, the new generation marked with “individuality” and “egoism”
are eager to show their existence to the world. 2 girls from ALK thought that it is the time to add a
workman’s mark to their watches and show the soul of the craftsman together with the brilliant goods.

ALK VISION is a dream and mission of the skilled workers.